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2:30 PM - Dr. Stephanie Fairborn, ND

Are you tired of reaching for a bottle of pills every time you're not feeling well? Do you wish you could get to the root of your health problems and prevent future issues? Naturopathic medicine may be just what you need. Dr. Fairborn will explain how a Naturopathic Doctor can help you sleep better, digest better and generally feel better.

4:00 PM - ONDAMED - Healing with Frequencies

Ondamed gained its popularity when it helped athlete Perry Louis-Fields recover from Lyme disease. Since then we have seen it help clients overcome stubborn infections & parasites where antibiotics fail, overcome drug & alcohol addictions, improve sleep, heal broken bones, leaky bladders and much more. Amber will explain the science behind Ondamed and what to expect from a treatment.


Amber Korobkina explains how Bowen Therapy came to exist, and how it can help you heal from various ailments. She will share her personal story and also delve into the mechanical explanation of how Bowen works. Amber is happy to answer specific questions during the information session.

2:00 PM - How to lose 3-7 lbs per week

Amber Korobkina will give a brief explanation of how we have to trick the body into losing fat, and how to stay healthy and feel great while losing 3-7 lbs per week.  It typically takes over an hour to explain the science behind this medically supervised weight-loss method, so this will be the Coles-notes version.

3:30 PM - The Ancient Healing Power of Reiki

Adrienne has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and will share her personal experience of when she first found Reiki in the mystical Mayan ruins of Belize. Adrienne will explain how the treatment works, and how it can be used on a physical, mental and emotional level to decrease pain, stress and blockages.

Join us on January 28, 2-5 PM

We look forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting some new friends! Come to our open house and learn about our various services, try some different treatments and sample some delicious food. 


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