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•     Immune Deficiencies
•     Pain Syndromes
•     Spine and Joint Problems
•     Wound Healing
•     Infections

And to significantly help with:

•    Sleep
•    Stress
•    Menopause

Watch the video to learn more:

•     Allergies
•     Asthma
•     Depression
•     Inflammatory Processes
•     Functional Problems

Simple Treatment Applications for acute:  
•     Injuries
•     Inflammation
•     Infections

Discovery and Treatment of underlying dysfunctions responsible for chronic disease:

For over 20 years, the ONDAMED has transformed many thousands of lives throughout the world. The brilliance of the ONDAMED Therapy is the combination of biofeedback and localized tissue stimulation with focused fields.
The ONDAMED System is used for acute injuries as well as chronic dysfunctions including stress management.  Many European hospitals will not treat a condition with western medicine, but will order a series of ONDAMED treatments instead.

In the picture below you see the ONDAMED practitioner using the Handheld Applicator for applying ONDAMED’s targeted tissue stimulation. The patient feels relaxed and intrigued with the practitioner’s revealing information of their own radial pulse that directs the therapeutic stimulus to hidden dysfunctional areas.

ONDAMED - A better way to make you better